Top health professionals extol the virtues of sleeping on your side and recommends that you do it habitually. This is because with the right kind of mattress, side sleeping relieves pressure on your back after a long day at work, therefore releasing stress. It also optimizes your body with a better blood flow and nutrients are delivered faster to the necessary parts while sleeping.

Of course, the benefits of side sleeping also depends largely on the mattress you sleep on. Which type of mattress is the right fit for you? What kind of bed is the most suitable, and how do you guarantee that a purchase of a brand new mattress will be justified as money well spent?

The best kind of mattress for a side sleeper is one that provides good spine support and guarantees a comfortable and refreshing sleep each time you lie down on it. Most modern mattresses nowadays have lots of great options for the side sleeper.

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The recommended mattresses for side sleepers

Presented here are the best mattresses for side sleepers in 2016. This is a definitive guide and it will tell you all that you need to know about purchasing the kind of mattress that is best for side sleepers. There are only a few types that are built for side sleepers, but the best ones are Pocketed Coil Springs, Natural Latex and Memory Foam. Each has its own list advantages and disadvantages.

  • Natural Latex Mattress – this type is made up of multiple layers of natural latex. The latex material is made from rubber trees that are found in the tropics, and the the material is tapped off of it, like syrup that is drained off a maple tree. Mattresses made of natural latex beat the competition and has been known to relieve more pressure points in the body than other foams of different material. A typical latex mattress of high quality comes with base layer density of 6 inches, immediately followed by 2 inches of softer layer natural latex foam. A third layer of ultra soft latex is added as a finisher.

    In this way, an attribute of exquisite plushness is added to the mattress, making it one of the best choices for side sleepers. Side sleepers, heavy or slim will find it extremely comfortable and the softer top layer acts as a cushion to prevent shoulder and hip pressure. The heavier type of individual will benefit more with the firmer latex layers. A mattress maker can be contracted to customize the layers and the types of natural latex to be made for any body type you may have.

  • Pocketed Coil Spring Traditional Mattress – this kind of mattress is made with the side and back sleepers in mind. It can also be considered as one of the best types of mattress to buy for the side sleeper. The mattress is made of pocketed coil springs that are fabric-wrapped separately. These coil springs are bonded together to form the mattress base.

    Traditional types of Coil Spring mattresses are staple mattresses and they are well-known to provide good comfort and a good night’s sleep to the average person. It also has the important factor of relieving the pressure on the shoulder and hip regions and keeps the spine straight while sleeping. The outermost comfort layer should be approximately 2 to 3 inches of foam in order to get the greatest comfort.

  • Memory Foam – Memory Foam types are so popular nowadays that you will have no trouble finding one in your local store. The true memory foam mattress that is of basic quality should be made up of a lower block of solid urethane foam 7 inches thick, incorporated with ventilating channels, and a 4 pound memory foam that is 3 inches thick. There are upgrades from the basic one and the variation has different densities, for example a higher density 8 pound foam with a 3 pound layer on top. A side sleeper will no doubt find the memory foam mattress a good companion for sleeping.

    The mattress also gives an outstanding job of cushioning the body as well as supporting the spine. A less weighty sleeper will find the memory foam mattress to be a bit on the resistant and firm side. For these benefits listed, memory foam also qualifies to be one of the best mattress recommended for side sleepers.