Sealy Posturepedic Mattress Reviews

Sealy Posturepedic is one of the most popular and long-standing brands of mattresses produced in the United States. For the past 136 years, Sealy has been providing superior bedding to the world. The main feature of a Sealy Posturepedic mattress is that it supports the body. Unlike other mattresses, its sleeping area is 10-20% larger and the edges are firm.

At present, Sealy Posturepedic has three models in its line of mattresses. These are the Classic, Gel and Hybrid series. The Classic mattresses are made with titanium alloy offset spring coils, and they give lumbar support. The Gel mattresses come with a layer of gel memory foam. This regulates temperature over offset or pocketed coils. A greater amount of gel memory foam is used in the Hybrid line. This is combined with poly foam over pocketed springs.

Consumer Reports

Irrespective of the line of Sealy Posturepedic mattresses, the pros and cons are basically the same. Here is what consumers had to say about them:


  • The mattresses are durable. They stand up well to wear and tear and give good utility.
  • The high durability of the mattresses makes them ideal for persons who are over their ideal weight, and those persons who are tall.
  • Especially for those persons who are overweight, the mattresses provide good temperature regulation. There is no excessive sweating during rest.
  • The mattresses are made to support the body. They, therefore, provide a pleasant sleeping experience.
  • Because the mattresses conform to the shape of the body, they reduce the amount of pressure on the body especially the shoulders and the hips. There is little or no tossing and turning during sleep.
  • Persons who suffer from back pain report not having any more back pain, or very little back pain after sleeping on a Sealy Posturepedic mattress over time.
  • Customers who bought the Gel and Hybrid series have indicated that they sleep for a longer time.
  • There is no motion transfer with these mattresses so if two persons are sleeping on the mattress and one person moves, the other person is not disturbed.
  • Some of the mattresses come with warranties.


  • Due to the high quality of the mattresses, they are heavy and difficult to move around.
  • These mattresses cost much more.
  • The materials used to make these mattresses smell when they are new.
  • Not all the beds in the series provide a warranty.

It is clear why Sealy Posturepedic mattresses have been out beating their competitors all these years. Sealy is big on research and development, and product innovation. Significant efforts have been made to bring modern technology to the business of sleep support. Sealy’s efforts to improve their Classic mattresses and the constant refining of the line of Gel and Hybrid mattresses are testaments to this. The Sealy mattresses don’t just provide an apparatus to sleep on. They are now vehicles through which customers can improve and maintain their health and wellbeing.

While they may be a little pricier, the long-term benefits of owning one of these mattresses significantly outweigh the cost. So, go for a Sealy Posturepedic mattress today.

Lull Mattress Reviews

Lull mattress guarantees satisfaction. They offer a risk-free trial of 100 nights to sleep on your brand-new bed before you have to commit. Lull mattress also advertises that customers save up to 75% on their chosen mattress in comparison to retailers. Three layers make up their mattresses: the comfort layer (one and a half inches of gel-infused viscoelastic memory foam, the middle or “transition” layer which is one and a half inches of latex-like foam, and last but not least the support layer consisting of seven inches of core polyurethane foam.

They offer beds that work with all bed frames: flat platform, adjustable, slatted base, box springs and for the floor. Their Lull-Ultra-Premium mattress is sold exclusively online; they also offer discounts for signing up for their e-mail list.

Last, but not least, Lull mattress also states that they have a 95% customer satisfaction rate and provides a like from their website to customer comments as it relates to their satisfaction rates.

Consumer Reports

lull mattress reviews
Does it sound too good to be true? Well here are what the customers say:


  • Lull mattress ships directly to your home; this saves time and money, allowing Lull to put more time and money into mattress production.
  • According to one customer review, you can sleep in ALL positions on the mattress i.e. back, side, and stomach; in comparison, other mattresses seem to only work for one or two positions.
  • If you like the memory foam feeling, and actually “sinking’ into bed, then you will love the Lull mattress.
  • If you are pregnant, suffering from a back injury, or have back pain, the mattress is also firm and is made for support; the high qualify foams will address the pain giving the care where needed.
  • Once customer stated that the Lull mattresses feel as if the memory foam is of a higher quality than most other latex mattresses.


  • If you like a lot of “bounce”, this foam mattress will not provide that; the second layer of foam-like latex prevents any “spring” to the mattress. The foam layer makes you feel as if you are actually laying in the bed.
  • There is no way to try out the mattress; all mattresses are bought and sold online. So unlike stores, you are not able to test the product prior to purchase.
  • One customer compared the firmness of the mattress to the Tempur-Contour Rhapsody Luxe edition. **hint – maybe a way to try it out in stores! Go check stores near you!
  • Another customer stated that she can feel her husband move even though the advertisement said that she should not be able to feel him move; however, she is so happy with the mattress, this does not bother her.
  • One website reported that the only two cons of Lull mattresses are 1- they’re new and 2- there is the bit of an initial “new smell” to the product (but who doesn’t like when their new stuff smells new?!)


With all products, there are pros and cons. With Lull mattresses, it appears the pros outweigh the cons. Every website checks out over a 4.5-star rating. All of the pros and cons also seem to be similar. What are you waiting for? It may be time to order that new 10’’ Lull mattress!

Beautyrest Mattress Reviews

Beautyrest beds is a company that has been in business since 1870. They have a varied selection of beds so their customers can select the one that best meets their needs. Beautyrest offers the latest in bedding technology.

Beautyrest beds offer Airfeel and Aircool technology. This means that the mattress’ have a cell-like structure which generates airflow through the mattress to increase its durability. They also offer Dualcool Memory foam which promotes optimal sleeping posture and helps to even out your core temperature so you get a full night’s sleep. Beautyrest beds also come with pocket spring technology which creates a firm yet flexible sleeping area.

Beautyrest best fall at the higher end of the product pricing structure with customers suggesting the average price be around the $3000 range for a midline Beautyrest bed.

Consumer reports: pros and cons

Customers of the Beautyrest mattress systems have commented on the following positive aspects of various Beautyrest beds:

  • The overall mattress looks nice. It is a pretty bed to have in a room
  • The mattress is firm and offers great all over body support
  • Dual sleeping supports mean you cannot feel the tossing and turn from your partner
  • The Dual cool technology evens out the temperature in the bed making it cooler in summer and warmer in winter
  • Beauty rest has a wide variety of mattress so we could choose the perfect one for us
  • Beautyrest beds have the latest technology built into every mattress

Customers have also commented on the following adverse aspects of the Beautyrest beds:

  • Mattress price is expensive and overrated for what you get
  • Mattress needs to be regularly rotated otherwise sinking areas develop and the mattress becomes lumpy
  • Long every of the mattress is a common concern, customers suggesting only two years of quality sleep on the mattress before the bed loses its excellence
  • Mattress quickly generates sleeping impressions which stay embedded in the mattress and are hard to remove even with regular rotation
  • Beautyrest beds need too much maintenance in order to preserve the technologies that make them so comfortable in the initial circumstance.

The overall feel for the beauty rest mattresses is that the price of the bed is at the higher end of the market but the quality you get for that price is midrange. Customers are concerned they are not receiving the quality they expect for the prices they are paying. There is a wide variety of beautyrest mattress, but the majority come with the same list of technologies making them all very much the same.

The beds offer great support for the initial few months but customers suggest they need regular and ongoing maintenance to ensure these beds keep their quality. Customers suggest that the memory foam technology used actually creates impressions within the mattress that are hard to remove and then go on to make the bed uncomfortable to sleep in.

With Beautyrest beds being in business for the last 100 plus years, customers get a feeling of safety and security when purchasing a beautyrest bed. They know they are getting the latest technology for comfort and support.

The average rating for a beautyrest mattress out of five stars is, three and a half.

Saatva mattress reviews

When people want to sleep comfortably, it seems that they turn to the Saatva Mattress company to purchase the mattress that delivers that comfort. With over 15,000 5 star reviews it seems that the Saatva Mattress company is doing something right. They should as their founding principles and business ideology have them focused on the customer, treating them with respect & dignity.

Another reason for their success is that this company was founded by mattress and furniture experts as well as specialists in customer service. Their variety of stock and delivery and set up service is second to none making this company the go to mattress company in the nation.

Here are some positive and negatives that can be said about the Saatva mattress. These were gleaned from the reviews of actual Saatva mattress users. Your experience may be different

Saatva mattress Pros and Cons

Like any product Saatva Mattress Company has both pros and cons linked to their mattresses. We will start with the pros first.


  • · Made from organic cotton for fabric breathing
  • · No heat retention- a good air ventilation construction
  • · 15 year warranty- if there is a normal defect it will be replaced at no cost
  • · 120 night guarantee- if you are not satisfied you can return it and get your money back except for the delivery fee
  • · Quality construction
  • · Great customer service- purchase and delivery very easy, same with replacements.
  • · Three comfort levels—soft, medium and firm
  • · Durable- mattress life about 12- 15 years
  • · 6 sizes to choose from—twin, twin xl, full, queen, king and cal king
  • · Limited motion transfer
  • · Environmentally friendly
  • · Low risk of bed bug infestation
  • · Made in America


  • · Internet purchase only—no testing of mattress
  • · No edge support
  • · Oversized dimensions—all bed sheets may not fit the mattress
  • · Weight makes it hard to rotate
  • · Not durable – not in all cases
  • · No handles on sides for easy maneuvering
  • · Body impressions form on mattress
  • · Not entirely organic—just the cotton fabric is

Consumer Reports:

In reviewing customer feedback most of the comments were favorable outnumbering the negative thoughts by over 2 to 1. This may be due to the fact that Saatva uses a coil on coil system that is usually reserved for higher priced mattresses on the market today. Their queen sized mattress has about 1300 coils inside helping to make this a very comfortable bed.

Only the cover is made of organic cotton so do not be confused and think the whole construction is made of organic materials. Other construction materials include super-soft foam, dracon, fiber and natural thistle.

Since Saatva is an internet mattress company they can sell their product up to 70% less than normal brick and mortar mattress and furniture stores. Saatva seems to have their act together as they do provide great customer service, a great warranty and a great money back guarantee.

Coupled with their quality construction and materials, this combination helps make the Saatva mattress the perfect bedroom product. Just one tip, don’t use a thick mattress pad as that may alter the comfort effect you experience.

Check out the Saatva for yourself and see the difference.

Serta Mattress Reviews

Serta for over eighty years has been committed to making mattresses that provide high-quality for their customers. As a leader in the mattress industry, Serta has dedicated themselves to Not only being environmentally friendly and having high ethical business practices but also to producing mattresses that make their customers have the best night’s sleep possible.

Serta has developed all their mattresses with five things in mind.

They want to solve the problem of mattresses that sag, that doesn’t provide enough back support and alignment. They also wanted to prevent one person from keeping their partner awake at night and help their customers not toss and turn all night. Lastly, they have dedicated themselves to providing a mattress that gives their clients a balanced sleep temperature. Serta has spent over eighty years perfecting these common problems found in other mattress brands to bring their customers beds with the best rest and quality. Find Serta mattress store near you.

Serta Perfect Sleeper Super Pillow Top Mattress, Cool Gel Foam, Innerspring

This Serta mattress has layers of memory foam on top of a custom support flex 704 coil system which helps provide excellent comfort and support. The combination of foams and the cool twist gel memory give years of comfort and sleep.


  • The weight is manageable. Queen size only weighs 100 pounds.
  • The mattresses are twelve inches thick.
  • Gives a great night’s sleep.


  • Doesn’t come with box springs and must be purchased separately.
  • Sagging on the sides appeared after only a few weeks of use.

Serta Perfect Sleeper Select Super Pillow Top 500 Innerspring Mattress

This Serta mattress helps prevent tossing and turning with its Cool Twist Gel Memory Foam, and the 739 Custom Support Innerspring helps alignment of the back and gives extra support.


  • Shipped not compressed like so many other mattresses you order online, making it ready to use and get comfort and great sleep immediately.
  • The combination of foams makes it much more comfortable than most memory foam mattresses.


  • Can take up to a month to receive it once it is ordered.
  • Doesn’t hold up to larger weights.

Serta Perfect Sleeper Elite Super Pillow Top Mattress, Cool Action Gel, Pocketed Cool, Motion Isolation


  • Plush and Comfortable


  • Indents if you weigh more than 200 pounds.
  • Doesn’t come with box springs adding extra expense.
  • Too Soft.

Serta 14-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

This Serta Memory Foam mattress is made up to give you a great night’s sleep. The top layer if the foam is made o=up of Serta unique gel beads, followed by 2 inches of Serta open cell memory foam to provide extra cushioning and comfort. There is a total of four layers of foam including the ActivAir to give a cool nights rest.


  • You do not know when your partner is moving around due to the different foams.
  • Has a medium feel mattress that is very comfortable.
  • Completely ready to use within 48 hours.


  • Some Serta mattress reviewers found it very firm.
  • One or two reviews had problems with it not regaining it shape properly after shipment.
  • Indentions from laying on it and they are steadily getting worse.

Consumer Reports

  • I wake up every morning in the same spot I laid down in. No con’s at all. I was nervous first due ordering this mattress online but everything worked out great.
  • The hybrid design works like a charm. I am probably still going to have to add a thick memory foam topper. We replaced a Stearns & Fosters that I paid $1700 ten years ago and we love it better. Before I could sleep up to 9 hours and still be tired. Now I am well rested after 7 hours.
  • It is a comfortable bed, but not as firm as we thought it would be by the information given in advertising. This mattress, from seam to seam, measures only 74-1/4″x78″.

Customers for the most part in the Serta mattress reviews seem to be overall pleased with the performance and comfort they have from Serta mattresses.

Leesa Mattress Promo Code

The Leesa company regularly offering new discounts and promotional codes on their mattresses. Many of them are limited in time. We follow each new action, so you can be sure that this page always got the freshest and the best price offer.

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Leesa Mattress Reviews

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Everybody requires a comfortable and relaxing night sleep after a long and tiring day. Actually, the success of your next day’s work depends on how well you sleep today. For you to achieve this goal, you must have a quality mattress.

In fact, not every mattress you find in the market nowadays will give you the required relaxation for next day’s activities. Now, the only mattress that can provide you with the necessary comfort and relaxation to ensure that you wake up energized is the Leesa Mattress.

Leesa Mattress is manufactured by Leesa Company in the USA. The company was established in 2014. Once you purchase the Leesa Mattress and feel that you are not satisfied with the experience, you are guaranteed of a non-fee full money refund. In other words, the company offers you a 100-day trial. Additionally, the company offers its customers a 10-year warranty on the mattress.

leesa mattress consumer reports

To help you understand how the mattress has been designed to suit your requirements for a comfortable are relaxing night, here are the features of the mattress. Notably, the mattress has been designed with three very important layers.

  1. Foundation Layer
  2. Support Layer
  3. Comfort Layer

This is a six inches support layer composed of support foam. The layer is meant to offer supportive basement for the mattress. All the weight of the mattress is supported by this layer.

This is the middle layer. The layer contains two inches of memory foam. In fact, it is the chief support layer of the mattress.

This is the upper most layer of the mattress. The layer has two inches of Avena foam. Actually, Avena is polythene foam; however its performance is similar to that of latex. On the contrary, it is more durable than latex. The foam plays a significant role in reducing heat effect.

Advantages and positive reviews

  • Leesa Mattress is a highly comfortable mattress compared to other mattresses available in the market.
  • The design of the mattress is lovely. Its design is very evident from its cover. The fabric is soft to touch.
  • Ability to sleep in multiple positions. Leesa mattress is comfortable for any sleeping position, due to its firmness.
  • The mattress uses Avena foam as part of the comfort layer, which makes it free from a lot of heat. In fact, most foam mattresses have the heat problem.
  • The mattress is very silent.
  • The mattress is easy to maintain. It is no flip type of mattress.
  • It is easy to lift, handle as well as move. Leesa mattress is 25% lighter compared to other average mattresses.
  • Leesa mattress is highly affordable. $865.00 on Amazon.
  • There is minimum motion transfer, thus reducing partner disturbance.

Disadvantages and negative reviews

  • The mattress ids not ideal for overweight people. The 10 inches of foam that have been involved in its preparation are not enough to support overweight individuals.
  • The mattress lacks the plush feel.
  • It lacks features like pillow tops and diamond gel. Hence the mattress doesn’t qualify to be a “luxury” mattress.
  • Leesa mattress lacks springs. So, if you are a spring individual this is not the mattress for you. In other words, there is no bounce with this mattress.
  • Movement on the mattress as well as getting off it isn’t easy.

2017: Consumer Reports

I am typically a side or stomach sleeper. This mattress makes it much more comfortable to sleep on my back and actually fall asleep on my back. Leesa’s guarantee makes the decision to at least try it very tempting. It had no smell at all from coming out of the packaging and the cloth wrap it’s in is very soft and nice.

It has good movement isolation, good for intimacy (small amount of bounce, but still some), and the king size is giant. I did a lot of research and read all the reviews and watched the Youtube videos. This was the best customer rated mattress of all I found by far.

About a year later I decided to give Leesa a try. The firmness, however, was an asset when it came to sleeping. No soreness because of it being too hard or too soft. After this I bought a high loft latex pillow.

I would consider this mattress just slightly on the firm side. We could never fit a queen mattress up our stairs to our second floor guest room. Because of the Leesa mattress our guests have a comfortable bed. Best thing I ever did was buying this mattress.

Give it a try since you are presented with a 100-day refund policy. The mattress is undoubtedly comfortable, though comfort is very subjective. However, it worth noting that Leesa mattress is ideal for cool supportive sleep, because of the Avena foam in its comfort layer. If you don’t like the bounce effect of spring mattresses, then Leesa mattress is the best for you. The mattress is neither too firm nor too soft, making you sleep like a baby.

Leesa company like to provide promo campaigns and temporary discounts on their products. We always follow the latest offers on our Leesa coupon page, visit it and grab the best one.

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Best mattress for back pain

Greater part of people have been experiencing back pain in everywhere throughout the world and stay searching for some helping method for easing their irritating anxieties related to back pain. For relevant arrangement of this dilemma, you ought to administer to alleviating backing before acquiring the best mattress for back pain.

Mattress details shift from individual to individual, it implies physical structure of men is not the same as that of ladies therefore; both the genders need to take after various standards with a specific end goal to settle on right choice for the determination of mattress.

Requirements for best mattresses

You ought to ideally buy a mattress that meets all requirements for NASA confirmed versatile material whilst temperature delicate formation. Mattress specifically contacts molding parts of your body and its linkage responds as per the heaviness of your body. You will most likely discover obliged result and unwinding through tree-sap elastic Latex mattress that holds famous notoriety among back pain sufferers. Room is a spot where everyone strives for unwinding so; it ought to be beautified with comfort-guaranteeing mattress to dodge spinal wellbeing issues.

You ought to lean toward a mattress that holds savvy mix of unwinding cushiony rectangles and quality to use it as the best mattress for back pain. Never depend upon other individuals’ recommendation rather actually investigate different qualities of mattress and have a short experience of body contact with it to judge its similarity with your physical necessities.

Actually, loop spring mattress gives acceptable backing to those people who experience back pain however you need to manage its impressive consumptions. It is equipped for conveying body weight to the entire human body so as to oversee ideal plots for assuagement of back pain.

Back Pain? Examining

You can examine with your doctor for the collection of fitting mattress alongside great adaptability and determination level to rival back issues. You may trust over gel mattress topper that holds a slim layer of gel for the enhancement of help and comfort. This gel is not in fluid form, there is doubtlessly of spillage and embodies gel-like adaptable material. You need to incorporate latex, innerspring, or memory froth mattress keeping in mind the end goal to examine nearly additionally calming and pain mitigating mattress for your comfort.

top rated mattresses back pain
best rated mattress back pain
best mattress low back pain

It is exploration based actuality that gel material supports cooling dissemination of air to disperse hot air therefore, it decreases back pain issue created by high temperature amassing. Gel in a flash takes after shapes of your resting body giving a mitigating touch of gentle back rub at the same time savoring a desire of giving alleviation from throbbing muscles and distressing bruises. Gel mattress gets consistent cleanliness to stay away from dust parasites and slithering bugs. Your quest for restorative comfort arrives at an end when you find out about moving characteristics of gel mattress.

Best mattress for lower back and neck pain

General assessment of different pain diminishing mattresses uncovers that gel mattress topper is quality standard item and modifies your dozing milieu by toting up additional padding. It is suggested proposal that dependably buy better quality toppers than delay the sturdiness of your current mattress and upgrade its similarity with your resting propensities to dodge back pain issues. It is excellent approach on your part, on the off chance that you incline to settling on a ruling for gel mattress.

Best mattress for side sleepers

Top health professionals extol the virtues of sleeping on your side and recommends that you do it habitually. This is because with the right kind of mattress, side sleeping relieves pressure on your back after a long day at work, therefore releasing stress. It also optimizes your body with a better blood flow and nutrients are delivered faster to the necessary parts while sleeping.

Of course, the benefits of side sleeping also depends largely on the mattress you sleep on. Which type of mattress is the right fit for you? What kind of bed is the most suitable, and how do you guarantee that a purchase of a brand new mattress will be justified as money well spent?

The best kind of mattress for a side sleeper is one that provides good spine support and guarantees a comfortable and refreshing sleep each time you lie down on it. Most modern mattresses nowadays have lots of great options for the side sleeper.

top mattress for side sleepers
mattresses for side sleepers
best mattress for side sleeper

The recommended mattresses for side sleepers

Presented here are the best mattresses for side sleepers in 2016. This is a definitive guide and it will tell you all that you need to know about purchasing the kind of mattress that is best for side sleepers. There are only a few types that are built for side sleepers, but the best ones are Pocketed Coil Springs, Natural Latex and Memory Foam. Each has its own list advantages and disadvantages.

  • Natural Latex Mattress – this type is made up of multiple layers of natural latex. The latex material is made from rubber trees that are found in the tropics, and the the material is tapped off of it, like syrup that is drained off a maple tree. Mattresses made of natural latex beat the competition and has been known to relieve more pressure points in the body than other foams of different material. A typical latex mattress of high quality comes with base layer density of 6 inches, immediately followed by 2 inches of softer layer natural latex foam. A third layer of ultra soft latex is added as a finisher.

    In this way, an attribute of exquisite plushness is added to the mattress, making it one of the best choices for side sleepers. Side sleepers, heavy or slim will find it extremely comfortable and the softer top layer acts as a cushion to prevent shoulder and hip pressure. The heavier type of individual will benefit more with the firmer latex layers. A mattress maker can be contracted to customize the layers and the types of natural latex to be made for any body type you may have.

  • Pocketed Coil Spring Traditional Mattress – this kind of mattress is made with the side and back sleepers in mind. It can also be considered as one of the best types of mattress to buy for the side sleeper. The mattress is made of pocketed coil springs that are fabric-wrapped separately. These coil springs are bonded together to form the mattress base.

    Traditional types of Coil Spring mattresses are staple mattresses and they are well-known to provide good comfort and a good night’s sleep to the average person. It also has the important factor of relieving the pressure on the shoulder and hip regions and keeps the spine straight while sleeping. The outermost comfort layer should be approximately 2 to 3 inches of foam in order to get the greatest comfort.

  • Memory Foam – Memory Foam types are so popular nowadays that you will have no trouble finding one in your local store. The true memory foam mattress that is of basic quality should be made up of a lower block of solid urethane foam 7 inches thick, incorporated with ventilating channels, and a 4 pound memory foam that is 3 inches thick. There are upgrades from the basic one and the variation has different densities, for example a higher density 8 pound foam with a 3 pound layer on top. A side sleeper will no doubt find the memory foam mattress a good companion for sleeping.

    The mattress also gives an outstanding job of cushioning the body as well as supporting the spine. A less weighty sleeper will find the memory foam mattress to be a bit on the resistant and firm side. For these benefits listed, memory foam also qualifies to be one of the best mattress recommended for side sleepers.