Without a doubt, a crucial thing that greatly impacts a person’s life is the quality of sleep. That’s why buying a new mattress in 2020 year is a big deal. Choose properly, and you’ll have enough healthy rest, which leads to more productive days. Even though top mattresses might be more expensive, it’s a wise investment. To save you time on research, we present to you the most popular and reliable brands that sell high-quality mattresses. Let’s discuss the top 5 mattresses you should pay attention to when choosing a new one.

A brief overview of decision-making factors

Before you pick and pay for any mattress, make sure to purchase the desired one. Take into account the following factors:

  • Firstly, people should realize that you don’t go around purchasing mattresses every month. That’s why the price shouldn’t be the main factor you notice. After all, most companies offer to split payments and pay within 6 or 12 months.
  • Secondly, it’s essential to discover if the manufacturer has a risk-free trial period. If you aren’t sure a certain kind of mattress suits your expectations, get a 100-night trial. You’ll observe whether you have allergies or feel comfortable with it. Top brands offer such a feature, but the trial period may vary from 30 to 365 days.
  • Mind that mattresses can bring different levels of comfort based on one’s sleep position. Some models fit side or stomach sleepers, while others are crafted precisely for those who sleep on the back.
  • Another key element to take into account is the warranty. Different brands have warranties from one to ten years, which comes in handy. Some companies even offer a lifetime warranty, but the cost is likely to be higher as well.
  • Finally, pick the wanted materials since mattresses now can be produced from memory foam, innerspring, patented polymers, etc. Base your choice on materials, durability, convenience, and personal preferences.

The best current market can offer in 2020 year

Based on numerous customers reviews and the brands presentations, we can select the top five mattress manufacturers. They are:

  1. GhostBed;
  2. Casper;
  3. Purple;
  4. Leesa;
  5. Avocado.

Let’s get to know more about their best-sellers and why they stand out from millions of mattresses out there.

GhostBed: peculiarities and benefits of a firm mattress


The mattress design delivers a balanced blend of firmness and convenience. It contours and supports a person minimizing the pressure for restorative sleep. On a firmness scale, the model got 6.5 out of 10. This firm mattress is suitable for people who sleep on the back, side, or stomach.

The brand uses a combination of materials like foam, latex, and patented proprietary gel polymer. Choosing this mattress, customers will avoid stiffness which leads to back and joint pain. The 3D Matrix mattress is an advanced model with a patented cooling tech.

GhostBed mattresses are suitable for weight-challenged sleepers. In this case, firmer mattresses will serve longer and deliver better support.

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Casper: all-foam solution for extra comfort


It’ll be a wonderful solution for foam lovers. Its Original Mattress is an all-foam model that keeps one’s body cool and comfortable. A zoned-support layer is responsible for pressure minimization. It’s the best-sold mattress due to a competitive cost, ease of ordering, and a provided level of comfort.

Nowadays, the company has decided to expand its influence. It opened a chain of brick-and-mortar shops in case people wish to try a mattress before the purchase. After partnering with Target, you are likely to see Casper goods there, too.

Reasons to buy Casper Original Mattress:

  • Ideal for those who sleep on the back or stomach;
  • The breathable design prevents overheating in summer;
  • Manufactured in a variety of sizes, including king-size.

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Purple: innovative technologies and luxurious mattresses


This brand was launched only five years ago. However, it already occupies leading positions in various charts. The company has a unique offer with a patented polymer. It offers a grid-shaped elastic layer that feels both soft and firm. This material secures body support, maintains airflow, and has excellent motion transfer isolation. Remember that this mattress is heavier than average and costs more, too.

Purple will soon become the most successful company in this industry. A reason for its fast growth is the ease of purchase. The cost covers free installation, haul-away of customers’ old mattresses (if needed), and a warranty. Every customer also gets a 100-night trial period.

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Leesa: simple solution to fit everyone

It brings a perfect balance because the mattress is comfortable and secured good support. Its Hybrid Mattress is a popular option because the model delivers an outstanding motion transfer isolation and edge support.

Interestingly enough, the mattress stands out with its simplicity. It can fit any type and size of a body. A person can easily transport and move a Leesa mattress. The cost is just right, too. Discover the official website’s offers to save on your purchase with a promo code or special deals.

Another reason to take a closer look at the brand is its commitment to social impact. For every 10 mattresses sold, the brand donates one to charity. Besides, it plants a tree for every sold mattress.

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Avocado: a go-to brand for organic mattresses

Its Green Mattress is crafted from all-natural materials. It contains wool, cotton, latex, etc. The company is certified by the Global Organic Latex Standard and Global Textile Standard. They ensure every step of manufacturing corresponds to the guidelines and materials used.

Customers don’t have to sacrifice the quality of sleep when choosing organic or vegan mattresses. Avocado mattresses relieve the body pressure distributing the weight evenly. Excellent customer support guarantees a superb shopping experience.

Besides, customers may discover other organic sleep items like sheets, pillows, etc. They’ll enhance the quality of sleep, preserving an all-natural style.

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Best Mattress in 2020: Bottom line

Purchasing a new mattress, a person is sure to discover hundreds of options. Choosing wisely, a customer may easily pick a suitable brand and mattress to elevate the sleep quality and help the body get healthy rest. As you might have noticed, all brands described above are completely different. Yet, they all manufacture high-quality mattresses with unique technologies, approaches, materials. Pick the one that appeals to your needs, and you won’t regret the choice.