When people want to sleep comfortably, it seems that they turn to the Saatva Mattress company to purchase the mattress that delivers that comfort. With over 15,000 5 star reviews it seems that the Saatva Mattress company is doing something right. They should as their founding principles and business ideology have them focused on the customer, treating them with respect & dignity.

Another reason for their success is that this company was founded by mattress and furniture experts as well as specialists in customer service. Their variety of stock and delivery and set up service is second to none making this company the go to mattress company in the nation.

Here are some positive and negatives that can be said about the Saatva mattress. These were gleaned from the reviews of actual Saatva mattress users. Your experience may be different

Saatva mattress Pros and Cons

Like any product Saatva Mattress Company has both pros and cons linked to their mattresses. We will start with the pros first.


  • · Made from organic cotton for fabric breathing
  • · No heat retention- a good air ventilation construction
  • · 15 year warranty- if there is a normal defect it will be replaced at no cost
  • · 120 night guarantee- if you are not satisfied you can return it and get your money back except for the delivery fee
  • · Quality construction
  • · Great customer service- purchase and delivery very easy, same with replacements.
  • · Three comfort levels—soft, medium and firm
  • · Durable- mattress life about 12- 15 years
  • · 6 sizes to choose from—twin, twin xl, full, queen, king and cal king
  • · Limited motion transfer
  • · Environmentally friendly
  • · Low risk of bed bug infestation
  • · Made in America


  • · Internet purchase only—no testing of mattress
  • · No edge support
  • · Oversized dimensions—all bed sheets may not fit the mattress
  • · Weight makes it hard to rotate
  • · Not durable – not in all cases
  • · No handles on sides for easy maneuvering
  • · Body impressions form on mattress
  • · Not entirely organic—just the cotton fabric is

Consumer Reports:

In reviewing customer feedback most of the comments were favorable outnumbering the negative thoughts by over 2 to 1. This may be due to the fact that Saatva uses a coil on coil system that is usually reserved for higher priced mattresses on the market today. Their queen sized mattress has about 1300 coils inside helping to make this a very comfortable bed.

Only the cover is made of organic cotton so do not be confused and think the whole construction is made of organic materials. Other construction materials include super-soft foam, dracon, fiber and natural thistle.

Since Saatva is an internet mattress company they can sell their product up to 70% less than normal brick and mortar mattress and furniture stores. Saatva seems to have their act together as they do provide great customer service, a great warranty and a great money back guarantee.

Coupled with their quality construction and materials, this combination helps make the Saatva mattress the perfect bedroom product. Just one tip, don’t use a thick mattress pad as that may alter the comfort effect you experience.

Check out the Saatva for yourself and see the difference.