Beautyrest beds is a company that has been in business since 1870. They have a varied selection of beds so their customers can select the one that best meets their needs. Beautyrest offers the latest in bedding technology.

Beautyrest beds offer Airfeel and Aircool technology. This means that the mattress’ have a cell-like structure which generates airflow through the mattress to increase its durability. They also offer Dualcool Memory foam which promotes optimal sleeping posture and helps to even out your core temperature so you get a full night’s sleep. Beautyrest beds also come with pocket spring technology which creates a firm yet flexible sleeping area.

Beautyrest best fall at the higher end of the product pricing structure with customers suggesting the average price be around the $3000 range for a midline Beautyrest bed.

Consumer reports: pros and cons

Customers of the Beautyrest mattress systems have commented on the following positive aspects of various Beautyrest beds:

  • The overall mattress looks nice. It is a pretty bed to have in a room
  • The mattress is firm and offers great all over body support
  • Dual sleeping supports mean you cannot feel the tossing and turn from your partner
  • The Dual cool technology evens out the temperature in the bed making it cooler in summer and warmer in winter
  • Beauty rest has a wide variety of mattress so we could choose the perfect one for us
  • Beautyrest beds have the latest technology built into every mattress

Customers have also commented on the following adverse aspects of the Beautyrest beds:

  • Mattress price is expensive and overrated for what you get
  • Mattress needs to be regularly rotated otherwise sinking areas develop and the mattress becomes lumpy
  • Long every of the mattress is a common concern, customers suggesting only two years of quality sleep on the mattress before the bed loses its excellence
  • Mattress quickly generates sleeping impressions which stay embedded in the mattress and are hard to remove even with regular rotation
  • Beautyrest beds need too much maintenance in order to preserve the technologies that make them so comfortable in the initial circumstance.

The overall feel for the beauty rest mattresses is that the price of the bed is at the higher end of the market but the quality you get for that price is midrange. Customers are concerned they are not receiving the quality they expect for the prices they are paying. There is a wide variety of beautyrest mattress, but the majority come with the same list of technologies making them all very much the same.

The beds offer great support for the initial few months but customers suggest they need regular and ongoing maintenance to ensure these beds keep their quality. Customers suggest that the memory foam technology used actually creates impressions within the mattress that are hard to remove and then go on to make the bed uncomfortable to sleep in.

With Beautyrest beds being in business for the last 100 plus years, customers get a feeling of safety and security when purchasing a beautyrest bed. They know they are getting the latest technology for comfort and support.

The average rating for a beautyrest mattress out of five stars is, three and a half.