There are so many different mattress companies out there anymore. I’m going to tell you about a couple different ones to maybe help in the decision making for the next time you need to buy a new mattress. It’s a big decision and very hard to choose.

Zinus vs Zeopedic

Zinus mattresses have mattresses from Green Tea memory foam mattresses, to memory foam ultra plush mattresses. The Zinus green tea memory foam mattress is the number one best seller on Amazon. They are anywhere from 6 inches thick to 12 inches thick. They have 75% 5 stars reviews, and that is out of 6,850 reviews. Almost everyone is pleased with this mattress. Most of the online reviews of this mattress say they love it and is telling the next person to buy it.

Here are a number of things that other people say about this mattress.

  1. There are a couple of people that referred to this mattress as a marshmallow. They commented on how it wasn’t too soft, and it wasn’t too firm either.
  2. Most claim that it is the best sleep that they’ve gotten for such a decently priced mattress.
  3. It comes in a vacuum sealed bag and delivered in a box. You set it up on your frame, and let it return to its full form within 24 to 48 hours. Then it will be ready to give you some amazing sleep.

Now there are some negative reviews also.

  1. One person claimed that it didn’t keep its shape, and was way too soft. After 3 months it lost its form and gave them back problems.
  2. Another claims that it puts in the middle and never comes back up. It doesn’t conform to the body shape either.
  3. There is also another that claims the mattress is too firm, and compare it to sleeping on the ground.

Zeopedic mattress: consumer reports

Zeopedic mattress is gel-infused mattresses. When you order they are shipped in a box. When you receive it you don’t have to lift it anywhere, there are wheels in the box it is shipped in. It is not a cheap mattress, but it’s well worth it. The top layer of this mattress is gel memory foam, and underneath is base support foam.

They even have Zeopedic memory foam pillows.

Here are some positive reviews on the Zeopedic mattress.

  • You can buy them at BigLots. One person’s review of the mattress claims it to be the best mattress and being over 50 years of age this mattress makes them feel 20 years younger when they wake up in the mornings. A very plush mattress.
  • Other people have not had any problems with the mattress.
  • An actual BigLots employee claims these mattresses to be very popular. They said that they only carried this mattress at first as a temporary item, but it sold so well very quickly that they became a permanent part of their stock.

Now there are some negative reviews also.

  • One claims it to be too firm and gets way too hot at times. They have only had this mattress for 3 months and plan on getting a new mattress shortly.
  • Another person had to add a mattress topper to not make the mattress so hot. They also did that to make the mattress more comfortable. It’s also a really heavy mattress.

These were just a couple of many different mattress companies. This may help you in your next purchase. It also helps to make sure you look at the negative and the positive reviews before making the big decision. Mattresses aren’t cheap so you want to make sure you are getting one that will last you a while, if not you’d just be flushing your money down the toilet.