Kingsdown mattresses was established back in 1904 with its headquarters located in Mebane, North Carolina. The company manufactures typically innerspring-based mattresses models like Diamond Royale, Passions, Sleep To Live and Downtown Abbey.

The mattress is fabricated with tufted covers combined with wool and silk and cooling foam layers supported by sophisticated wrap innerspring coil system.

Consumer Reports:

Data from customer reviews suggests that Kingsdown mattresses offer better support and comfort during the first three years to its owners. Models with thick pillow-top are likely to be more upsetting. However, Two-sided models have a better durability and longevity.

When it comes to price, Kingsdown mattresses are generally more expensive as compared to other mattresses. This is because of their thick design and use of more sophisticated and luxurious materials and design.

Kingsdown models are usually 13.5 inches thick on average. Some models with thickness ranging 10-13 have a comfy and glamorous presence. Short people and children may face some difficulty when getting on this mattress. But with a low-profile foundation, it isn’t difficult to lower your bed’s height

Kingsdown mattress are considerably heavier than innerspring mattresses as well as other mattress models. This is because of their thickness. Heavy mattresses are strong and tough and can easily stay in place though they have a drawback of being hard to lift, move and handle.

Customer Satisfaction.
From the customer reviews, about 65% of Kingsdown mattress are contented with their purchase. When compared to other mattresses, the rate is slightly below average since in average, 73% of owners are satisfied with their mattresses.

Some Kingsdown innerspring owners claimed that their mattress began sagging after three years of use, a condition alike to other innerspring brands. Sagging results to pains and discomfort. A number of users complained of back pain and overall sleeping discomfort caused by sagging.

Coil Performance:
Many owners praise Kingsdown mattresses for their conforming ability than other mattresses. Some models features individually wrapped coils which offer great motion isolation. On the other hand, those with open coils have relatively less performance.

Pros And Cons:

In summary, below are the pros and cons of Kingsdown mattresses.


  • Great conforming ability. It molds and reliefs your body bringing about a cloud-like, cradling, free sensation.
  • Ideal for all weights. With its 3-inch and less comfort layer, the model is firm thus can support individuals with a weight of over 230+ lbs.
  • Soft and Flexible. Due to its little memory foam, Kingsdown mattress tend to be soft and quite flexible.
  • No noise. There are no complaints related to noise from customers and users of this mattress.
  • Good edge support. Sitting or sleeping close to the edge of this mattress tends to be more comfortable.
  • General support. Most Kingsdown models have an effective coil which is helpful when it comes to support.


  • Sagging. After three years of its purchase, the mattress starts to sag, as a result, weakens its support.
  • Price. The average mattress model is estimated to be priced at $1925 making it costly compared to other mattresses.
  • Hard to lift, move and handle. Since its weights about 60 – 160 pounds, it is difficult to lift, move or handle the mattress.