From its humble beginnings as a regional mattress store, Loom & Leaf by Saatva has grown into one of the largest internet mattress companies. They do not have showrooms or stores but deal strictly through their internet website. If you want to discuss their products their representatives are standing by to respond to your calls, e-mails or their internet chat feature.

Their delivery service is well thought out and, unlike the cable company, they only ask for a 4 hour window in order to bring your mattress to you. If they are late you will be notified and you have the chance to reschedule at no cost to you or you can cancel the order at no cost as well.

You just need to call them for all the details on their delivery system. One thing they ask is for you to measure all doors etc., so your mattress will get to your bedroom without a problem.

Loom and Leaf Mattress Reviews

Loom and Leaf Mattress: Pros & Cons


  • Very professional delivery service – They have their act together and know how to deliver their product
  • 120 day test drive – You can test their mattress for 4 months to decide whether or not you like it. If you return it you will get your money back except for the delivery fee
  • Comfortable & cool—no heat retention because they use specialized foam to keep heat away. You also get two options for comfort ensuring you that you will get the right mattress for you.
  • Top quality construction- Loom and Leaf uses up-to-date technology and eco-friendly materials to build the finest mattress on the market today.
  • No Off-Gassing—l & L ship their mattresses uncompressed which is why there is no off-gassing odor.
  • Great Customer Service—This company lives and dies by customer service so they go the extra mile to make their customers happy. All the representatives of the company are friendly and take you through the process of purchasing a mattress so you have no surprises.
  • 10 year warranty—if the 120 day sleep test drive isn’t enough Loom & Leaf provide a 10 year warranty on their mattresses. Of course this will only cover defects through normal use.
  • Made in the USA — you can’t beat that plus their in home set-up is superior to the rest of the competition and they take the old mattress away for you. No need to worry about disposing it yourself.


  • Memory Foam—Not everyone enjoys a tight hugging mattress so the mattresses from Loom & Leaf may not be what you are looking for.
  • Cost—Some people expect an even lower cost than what L & L offers its online customers.
  • Too Firm—some customers found the Loom & Leaf mattress to be as hard as stone.
  • Limited Organic Cotton—some customers have experienced an off-gas smell due to the fact that only the top layer of the mattress is organic, the rest is normal foam which they claim gives off a very bad smell.
  • Lack of edge support—every once in a while a customer receives a mattress from Loom & Leaf that does not perform to their expectations. The sagging edge is one of those disappointments.
  • Lacks firmness- some of the mattresses tend to sag in the middle, like a 10 year old mattress, and provides no comfort or support.
  • Construction not up to par—the delivered mattress did not meet king size specs and was often to short or narrow.
  • Cooling gell made bed too cold—the customer just couldn’t get warm enough because of the cooling gell inside the mattress.

Consumer Reports

Mattresses are a hard item to purchase and they take a long time to get used to and while one mattress is great for one person it may not work out for another. Loom & Leaf have developed a great customer service system that responds well to all the complaints of their customers. This facet of the company makes their mattress all the more attractive

All the 5 star reviews on the internet today can’t be wrong so L & L is doing something right in constructing marketing and delivering their product. There are far more people happy with L & L’s mattresses than there are unsatisfied customers so this says a lot about the quality of the product.

With no brick and mortar stores to drive up costs, Loom & Leaf have found a way to bring you savings. Shopping online may not be your favorite way to shop but it will save you money even n mattresses.