A pillow top mattress is a mattress not less than five inch layer of either latex, memory form, polifiber, wool or even water made to give comfort. They either have a Euro top or a pillow top which gives them their name.

Basically, according to pillow top mattress reviews, memory form gives the highest consumer satisfaction of 81% followed by latex giving a consumer satisfaction of 80% then water with 79% and lastly air with 78% consumer satisfaction

Different kinds of these mattresses come in different sizes, prices ranging from 200.00 dollars to 3000.00 dollars or more depending on the sizes, materials and thickness of the pillow top mattresses:

  • queen size;
  • king size;
  • double.

Lifespan reviews

The lifespan of pillow top mattresses is basically three to fifteen years with the biggest percentage having a lifespan of three to five years with a very small percentage giving a lifespan of more than ten years.

The initial comfort provided by the mattresses is excellent in the first few years of service ranging from three to ten years depending on the nature of the material used. This happens due to the sagging effect of the materials in the mattresses. Due to the compression from the forces exerted on the mattresses the materials tend to compress and therefore the pain relieving effect on the pillow top, the comfort effect and the deep sleep reduces with continuous usage of the pillow top mattresses. This is more observable in the air or inner spring mattresses.

However, weight of a person is not a factor of their sagging effect, but the materials used with the ones made from memory form giving highest percentage of sagging after the first few year of usage ranging from three to five years.

Warming and odour effect

Pillow top mattresses have a lot of reviews about it’s warming effect to the consumers. This is because they trap air in them which warms up itself and therefore give out relative warmth when it is cold. Mattresses especially with memory form are known to give out more warmth than the other materials, this is because memory form has spaces in it which trap air in them which later warms up therefore giving more heat than the other materials. This results to an uncomfortable sleeping surface due to the warmth.

Compared to non pillow mattresses, pillow mattresses give more heat and twice as likely to produce odours as non pillow mattresses . The awful odors produced can last from a few hours to some weeks especially with memory form mattresses.

Pillow top mattress relieving effect review

Best pillow top mattress reviews

Pain relieving function of the pillow top mattresses is excellent on in the first years of usage, they relieve pain on hip, back and shoulder, however, this reduces as the mattress is continuously used, after sagging, don’t expect much relieve of your pains from the mattresses. Pillow top mattresses with memory form relieve pain faster than pillow top mattresses without memory form.

When the mattress is not in used, it is advisable to store it in a dry area away from cement.