We have collected more than 300 positive and negative reviews on this Home Life Comfort Sleep 6-Inch Mattress. On the basis of these consumer reviews and our own opinion, we noted the most important pros, cons and overall rating of this mattress.

Price starts from $61 on Twin Home Life Comfort Sleep 6-Inch Mattress.

Positive Reviews

This mattress has been vacuum-sealed, and will expand. We left it alone to completely ‘re-inflate’ for about an hour and a half, and found it was as described as far as size. By the way, be very careful as you cut the tape because the mattress is basically vacuum sealed so the tape is very taut.

It is one of the firmest mattresses I have ever slept on, a big plus with me. Also, it distributes my weight really well, which is important because I am a big guy.

Surprisingly comfortable and a great price. Just the right thickness so sheets stay on when there is movement on the bed.

It isn’t a $300 expensive mattress, but you shouldn’t expecting that. This is just a good value for the money

Negative Reviews

Its only good for kids. I am just 145LB and after 2 months the spring are gone and when I am sleeping on it i am getting sevior back pain.

I love a firm mattress but this was like sleeping on the floor. Its extremely thin, small, and hard.

It’s good for $60 but I wish I would have gotton more comfortable.

Overall Rating

In total, more than 700 reviews on this Home Life Comfort Sleep 6-Inch Mattress from sites like Amazon, Cymax etc. This mattress have 4.2 out of 5 stars rating and more than 60% of buyers rated 5 stars.