We have collected more than 3000 positive and negative reviews on this Sleep Innovations Memory Foam 12 Inch Mattress. On the basis of these consumer reviews and our own opinion, we noted the most important pros, cons and overall rating of this mattress.

Price starts from $400 on Sleep Innovations Memory Foam 12-inch Mattress.

Positive Reviews

The mattress is firm, but a good firm, it perfectly contours to your body and supports everything. Notice that after about night 3 the mattress def softened up a bit.

My shoulders (which are sort of large i guess) settle right into the foam and my arms are totally relaxed at my sides. Many mornings I awaken in the same position in which I went to sleep. No more tossing and turning. If you’re a stomach sleeper, you know how crammed up your neck can get because your chin is jammed into the mattress, whether you turn your head to the side or not.

I purchased this mattress when it was $450, Amazon later lowered the price to $389, and I actually received a refund for the price difference. It was firm but comfortable upon purchase, but it gets better as it’s used.

In short: if you’re looking for a great mattress with a superb price, you can’t go wrong with Sleep Innovations Memory Foam mattress.

Negative Reviews

Needs to be in a ventilated room for a week in my opinion before use. I don’t know if my thought that it was Memory Foam made me think it would be a bit more comfortable. Perhaps the top foam layer isn’t think enough.

I have had it about ten days and it stills sags in the middle. My husband and I are 200 and 130 lbs and would think that that the bed would offer better support. The mattress was well made and had no smell, but was not the product that we wanted.

We’re keeping the bed, and my back does feel better since I’m not twisting and sliding towards my heavier husband, but then, sleeping on a slab of concrete would have had the same effect. However, as most reviews said, it’s pretty hot while sleeping on it. It’s not a manufacturer flaw, it’s just memory foam.

Overall Rating

In total, more than 3000 reviews on this Sleep Master Ultima Comfort Memory Foam 6 Inch Mattress from sites like Amazon, Cymax etc. This mattress have 4.3 out of 5 stars rating and more than 71% of buyers rated 5 stars.